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If you need any technical solution for your company;if you have decided to expand your knowledge on the field of the agrifood industry; if you want to open a new line of research or collaborate with any of our research groups; if you have any doubt or suggestion, please contact us.

If you want to join the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence, please fill in the form and send an email with all the information to

Agrifood Campus of International Excelence ceiA3
Rectorate of the University of Córdoba
Avd. Medina Azahara, 5
14071 Córdoba
Tel.: (+34) 957 213069
Fax: (+34) 957 218998

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (working days) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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Contact info

EnriqueQuesadaGeneral Coordinator
Enrique Quesada Moraga
(+34) 957 211060

 Curriculum Vitae
Julieta MéridaAcademic Coordinator
Julieta Mérida García
(+34) 957 218005

 Curriculum Vitae
Alfonso ZamoranoInternationalization Coordinator
Alfonso Zamorano Aguilar
(+34) 957 218827 / 218071

 Curriculum Vitae
LoladeToroceiA3 Manager
Lola de Toro Jordano
(+34) 957 218086

 Curriculum Vitae
Tomás CabelloceiA3 Coordination University of Almería
Tomás Cabello García
(+34) 950 015001
Manuel Jesús DíazceiA3 Coordination University of Huelva
Manuel Jesús Díaz Blanco
(+34) 959 219990
Technician ceiA3 Coordination
Miguel Ángel Dorado Pérez
(+34) 957 218031
CarmenGranadosTechnical support
ceiA3 Coordination
Carmen Granados Camino
(+34) 957 213069
Sin fotoTechnician eidA3 & ceiA3 Internationalization
Alessandra De Amicis Caballero
(+34) 957 212611

AlbertoTechnician ceiA3 Science Computer
Alberto León Ochoa
(+34) 957 212265
ManuelTechnician ceiA3 I.C.T.

(+34) 957 218021
Sin fotoTechnician ceiA3 International Projects Office
Rocío Juste Ballesteros
(+34) 957 218021 / 626024106

NoeliaTechnician ceiA3 International Projects Office
Noelia Antonia Martínez Reche
(+34) 957 218021

NoeliaTechnician ceiA3 International Projects Office
Nicolás Aranda Pérez
(+34) 957 218021 / 626024106

Lucía ReguilloTechnician ceiA3 International Projects Office
Lucía Reguillo Granados
(+34) 957 218021 / 626024106

Manuel ArroyoTechnician at ceiA3 Office in Brussels
Manuel Arroyo Galán
Sin fotoTechnician ceiA3 Coordination University of Huelva
Mª José Cadenas Montes
(+34) 959 219418
Sin fotoTechnician ceiA3 Coordination University of Jaen
(+34) 953 212952
Uroz_Carreo_UALTechnician ceiA3 Coordination University of Almería
Jesús Cepillo Navarro
(+34) 950 214715
Technician ceiA3 University of Almería
Alicia Martínez Moreno
(+34) 950 214767
PedroGaleanoUCATechnician ceiA3 University of Cádiz
Pedro Galeano Galea
JoseManuelUJATechnician ceiA3 University of Jaén
José Manuel Jiménez Perea
(+34) 953 211891
MariaJoseUHUTechnician ceiA3 Coordination University of Huelva
Mª José Cadenas Montes
(+34) 959 219418
RocioFuentesUHUTechnician ceiA3 University of Huelva
Rocío Fuentes Audén
(+34) 959 219409
Technician at ceiA3 International Offices
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Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities / Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business Support / Junta de Andalucía within the Campus of International Excellence Framework Program
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