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Monday, 21 May 2018 08:12

ceiA3 collaborates with The Caña Group in a European project about tomato biofortification

The technical staff of the International Projects Office ceiA3 (OPI) participated in the 'Biotomato training day', within the framework of the H2020 Biotomato project, in which the ceiA3 collaborates as a stakeholder

During the day, the different forms of collaboration with the Campus were discussed and the most relevant European calls for proposals with the agri-food sector were presented. The meeting took place in The Caña Group in Castell de Ferro (Granada).

Another topic that was discussed was the collaboration of La Caña Group in the H2020 BLOOM project (Boosting European citizens knowLedge and awareness of biOeconomy research and innovation), where ceiA3 coordinates the Andalusian hub. The project will be starting next autumn with workshops and outreach activities in the field of bioconomy.

Likewise, the Italian researcher Francesco Gresta, hired within the framework of this project, presented the main objectives and methodologies that are being used to obtain the expected results. Finally, the facilities of the company were visited.

The Biotomato project, accepted in 2017, belongs to the INNOSUP 'FOR A BETTER INNOVATION SUPPORT TO SMEs' call for Horizon 2020, which pursues tomato biofortification through the application of natural fertilizers applied through mechanized agriculture. Another objective is to enhance the flavor and organoleptic qualities of tomatoes.

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