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Activities by Red Innovagro

Red Innovagro has planned the following activities for capacity strengthening, scheduled in May of 2012 in Argentina:

• Workshop on Innovation Management, 17th and 18th of May
• Agrifood Innovation Route in Mendoza for understanding the process of wine production, 19th and 20th of May
• Innovagro International Seminar 2012: "Innovation for familiar agriculture and food safety", 21st and 22nd of May

The specific programs of each activity and a list of hotels with special rates can be found in


Fourth Annual Conference of Vet+i from the Spanish Technology Platform for Animal Health

The Conference, which this time will be entitled "Future opportunities for R&D&I in Animal Health: Horizon 2020 and New State Plan of Research" with the participation of prominent personalities like Francisco Tristante, Research Programme Officer of DG of Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Juan María Vázquez, Director General of Technical and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Valentín Almansa, director General for Health of Agricultural Production of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA). It is also expected to participate Isabel García Tejerina, Secretary General of Agriculture and Food also of the MAGRAMA during closing.

The Conference will allow all agents in the area of animal health in our country know more deeply the highlights of the new framework program of R&D&I in the EU (Horizon 2020) and the future State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research, is currently designing the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. About it, a round table aimed to meet the vision and expectations of different agents involved in healthcare in our country for next Plan, and for which there will be contributions from representative person of the scientific community, the animal health industry, livestock sectors and the sectorial management has been organized.

Moreover, during the Conference will present the "the Strategic Plan 2020 of Vet+i" and the new website "Vetinnova" that Vet+i has developed with the aim of promoting public-private collaboration and the transfer of knowledge and technology in the area of animal health. "Vetinnova" will be useful for the research centers, Universities, OTRIs, spin off, companies of the animal health industry, etc. as it will offer valuable information as existing lines of research in animal health, patents, research results transferable, scientific and technological services offering, requirements of regulatory scope, financed projects under the National INIA-CC.AA/Plan system, and also includes a section for searching and the establishment of consortia.

Finally, they will present the "Isabel Mínguez Tudela Award for Innovation in Animal Health" of this first edition called by the Platform. This award also is to render a posthumous tribute to Dr. Isabel Mínguez Tudela for her career and support the establishment of the European Platform for Animal Health (ETPGAH) and Vet+i, and to recognize the best result transferable R&D&I in the field of animal health in our country.

Therefore, we encourage you to attend this important event, which will help also to you can contact and exchange information and concerns with other professionals in our field.

puntopdf Place: Rafaelhoteles Atocha Hotel (C/Mendez Álvaro 30 - 28045, Madrid)
puntopdf Date: May 30, 2012
puntopdf Contact: Those interested in attending, send the completed registration form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it until the 9th of May
puntopdf Web:
puntopdf Documentation:
  Final program
  Registration form

Awards of the Sustainable Agriculture Technology Platform

The deadline for submission of works is the 31st of July.

Sustainable Agriculture Technology Platform has opened the period for submission of works for the second research on agriculture and sustainable farming award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize those research aimed at agricultural and livestock innovation that may pose a significant impact on improving sustainability from the economic, social and environmental point of view among farmers and ranchers. With this initiative is wanted to value the work of researchers who work with the aim of getting new technologies to make agriculture and livestock, a production system more sustainable every day.

In this award, all those works which have been published in scientific journals recorded in the 'Science Citation Index' from July of 2011 to July of 2012 can participate. But it also can do it, the work containing useful contributions to improving the sustainability of agricultural and livestock systems, with special emphasis on its immediate implementation, the reference to sustainability indicators and those with a monographic on this subject.

The Prize is 1,500 euro.

puntopdf For more information: Ricardo Migueláñez ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
puntopdf Phone: 912 22 80 07
puntopdf Documentation:

  Download the press release
  Terms and conditions of the Second Research Award

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